D Tik Tok Dok ‘accused of sexual abuse in a $ 45 million lawsuit

Jason Campbell, Dancer Announces Tik Tok DockAccording to a report, the $ 45 million lawsuit alleges sexual misconduct.

Her coronovirus epidemic went viral during the initial phase of her lockdown while dancing to Utkarsh, an anesthesia resident at her Oregon hospital.

Now, the former “Good Morning America” ​​guest is accused of sexually abusing a former co-worker at Portland’s Veteran Affairs Medical Center, According to oregon.

In Friday’s federal lawsuit, Campbell is accused of harassing a social worker at the hospital and sending him indecent photos and lewd text messages in the first three months of 2020.

The suit allegedly accused Campbell of going into her office area, and forcibly pressed her penis from behind.

“The plaintiff was scared and yelled at her to leave Dr. Campbell,” the suit reportedly said. According to the report, “the plaintiff said with a written message,” Never surprise me by reaching my physical location. “

32-year-old Campbell reportedly responded to the text, “I should have asked. Forgive me.”

The suit allegedly names Oregon Health and Science University, which hired Campbell and rushed him to the hospital. According to the newspaper’s report, the plaintiff complained to OHSU in April about the behavior of Cantabel and concluded that he had violated his harassment policy, but no convictions occurred.

The experienced cases were reported to the police by the accused. An investigator allegedly dispatched artists to federal prosecutors, who refused to press charges.

The suit claims that OHSU leaders helped “bury” the complaints, and continue to glorify the Dancing Dock’s good press, the Oregonian Report.

Campbell allegedly told investigators that his messages were of a “mutual” nature, and the incident reported by the plaintiff to the office was a misunderstanding. He also stated that he had no record of his electronic communication.

OHSU investigators found their explanations unreliable, and found 160 pages of electronic messages between the two via text, Instagram and Facebook.

In one instance, Campbell sent an unedited photo on Instagram to the unnamed accused, showing a photo of her waist with an erection visible through her pants, the suit alleges, according to The Oregonian.

He reportedly replied, “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

The newspaper said, “Oh, that last picture was somehow left when I was trying to send you a video explaining to you in this crazy case, as reported by OHSU.”

OHSU investigators reportedly wrote that “the totality of the messages leaves the reader with the feeling that Campbell has deliberately carried the envelope of sexual spontaneity despite several warnings.”

Despite the findings, the lawsuit stated that OHSU failed to protect the accused from Campbell’s alleged sexual misconduct.

“OHSU is not consistent with behavior as described in the lawsuit. Spokesperson Tamara Hargens-Bradley wrote in an email to the newspaper, We are continuously working to develop our culture, policies and practices to provide an environment where all learners, employees, patients and visitors feel safe Do and welcome.

“We take our role seriously to be a part of the change that is taking place in our country to end discrimination and the momentum of power,” he said.

The lawsuit alleges sexual harassment, battery, intentional emotional distress, invasion of privacy and negligence against Campbell and OHSU.

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