Dad faces jail time for refusing to wear a mask in Ryan’s flight

Ryanair, a 30-year-old man, faces two years for being drunk on a flight, refusing to wear a mask and telling the flight attendant to be “f-off”.

Adrian Front was arrested at Manchester Airport on 29 January, after repeatedly removing his mask despite being warned to wear it on a UK flight from his native Krakow, Poland, Metro reported.

A crew member allegedly consuming duty-free boos on the plane allegedly caused a crew member to say “F-off!” Told. According to the news outlet, in front of 100 fellow passengers, including children.

“Police were informed that there was a disruptive passenger on an inbound flight and they spoke to the cabin crew, who informed the officers that a man was drinking his bottles of liquor in the back row, after drinking by cabin crew staff Was not asked for, prosecutor Katherine Allen said.

“The defendant was also refusing to wear his face mask. They said it was asked to close and it was rejected – but when the cabin crew left, they closed it anyway, ”Allen said.

“He was found with whiskey and vodka and had several children where he was, and he refused to get off the plane,” she said.

“Officials said they could smell the alcohol coming from his breath and blood coming out of his eyes. He would not leave the plane,” Allen said. “The officers hoped he would leave without making a scene but he Continued to be rude, still refusing to leave. “

Morcha’s lawyer said she was returning to the UK from Poland after an emotional trip to see her daughter – and felt “inferior” to leaving the girl with her mother.

The Adrian Front reportedly hired a crew member
The Adrian Front reportedly called a crew member “F-off!” Told. In front of 100 fellow travelers.
Christian Hartmann / Reuters

According to Metro, lawyer Samantha Corcoran said, “He had a relationship with a Polish woman and had a child in Britain.”

“However, after the break-up, his partner has returned to Poland with his child, who is now 17 months old,” she said.

He said, “She traveled in January to see and visit her daughter, whom she hadn’t seen in six months. Apparently, it was hard for her to come back after reuniting with her daughter and she admits that She consumed alcohol because she felt particularly low in leaving her daughter, ”Corcoran said.

“He knows that he has no excuse for his behavior in any way. He said there was a language barrier when he was unable to communicate in cooperation, when police were asking him to leave the plane, ”he said, adding that his client has no previous convictions and is a person of good character.

The punishment for the march is set for March.

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