Dave Portno grills Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev on Gametop

Congress is nothing compared to Dewey Day Trader.

Barnstool Sports founder Dave Portno screws up Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev as he accuses amateur investors of making a comeback during the Gamestop saga on the stock-trading app.

Portenoy told Tene during one, “You did something and gave the big man a big advantage, which is the exact opposite of helping the little man,” Tuesday night livestream Aired on Twitter. “You killed the little man.”

Portnoy decided last month to temporarily halt Tynev’s decision to Robinhood to temporarily stop Grimes’s AMC Entertainment such as Gamestop and AMC Entertainment.

Portnoy – who has renamed himself as a foul-mouth-day-trading maven compared to last year – previously claimed to incur a loss of about $ 700,000 on such shares, which earlier this month The tank was inflated in late January before being installed.

“Robinhood manipulated that stock price. You crate it, ”Portno told Tenev, referring to Gametop.

Refreshing his presence in front of the House Financial Services Committee last week, Tenev said in a decision, it helped Robinhood overcome a cash crisis when it was already under heavy financial pressure.

Tenev said that Silicon Valley startups might have continued to buy customers. Gametop shares included a Wall Street clearinghouse that did not send dead-of-night demand to Robinhood for a $ 3 billion deposit.

“If we had a herd more headroom, we probably would have let things continue,” Tenev told Portnoy.

“If we don’t take action, we could face a very liquidity problem in the future. So we had to act,” he added later. “And so I said that we had to protect the firm and our customers Had to act, because if the firm can’t – I mean, if the firm can’t continue to serve our customers, that’s a very bad situation. “

Portoy was not shy about his anger towards Robinhood leading to TTE-A-Tete. On January 28, the day the app on GameStop blocked the trade, it closed a tweet threatening to “burn @ @obinhoodApp to the ground”.

Portnoy was in a similar confrontation on Tuesday night. Before the interview began, he called Tenev a “rat and a liar”, then Tenev saw a video showing him as a clown with a big red nose.

“You know everyone here who’s watching that hate your guts, don’t you?” Portno said at the beginning of the broadcast.

“That’s what I hear” said Tenev, who was wearing a baseball cap with the words “Taco Tuesday” embossed on it.

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