Dead body of 8-year-old girl found missing in 2019

The body of an 8-year-old girl has been found on a Montana Indian reservation.

Mildred Alexis Old Crow was last seen on the reservation in 2019 and was reported missing in November 2020, According to billings gazette.

“We have a heartache for the family and I raise them in prayer,” Frank White Clay, president of the Aboriginal family, said in a Billings Gazette statement last week.

“The whole community felt the loss when Mildred went missing and we feel it again today. My hope is that we can find the bandh, mourn together and work to ensure that children are protected and supported by Crow Reservation and beyond. We want justice for this child and for all the victims of the epidemic that has disappeared from reservations across the country. “

According to the outlet, the reason for the death of the little girl is not clear. It was not immediately clear how Mildred’s body was recovered.

The Salt Lake City Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) are asking the public to assist Mildred Alexis Old Crow of Crow Indian Reservation.
Veronica Tierza Dust, 34, and Roseanne Lincoln Old Crow, 34, accused of endangering the welfare of a child and misconduct in custody

According to the newspaper, in December, two women had already been arrested in connection with the girl’s disappearance.

Pepperone reported that Veronica Tirza Dust, 34, and Roseanne Lincoln Old Crow, are 34 charged with endangering the welfare and custody of a child.

He remains in custody on a $ 5,000 bond.

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