Democrat Kim calls for Cuomo impeachment over nursing home scandal

Andrew Cuomo should be impeached on the nursing home scandal, which saw state officials deliberately obscure the extent of Coronovirus’s death at the facilities, often critic and state Assembly member Ron Kim wrote in an opinion letter published on Monday.

The Democratic-on-Democrat Broadway came less than a week after Kim, with Queens accusing Kim of threatening to destroy her political career while she was at home, as long as she did damage to the ballooning scandal. Did not help in reducing.

“It’s time for bravery, to hold him accountable, to investigate the cover-up of nursing home information,” wrote Kim – whose uncle in New York City’s nursing home is suspected of being tied to the epidemic – In pieces For Newsweek.

“It is time to undo the bad policies that have led to unnecessary deaths. And it’s time to start the impeachment process, “Kim wrote.

The latest layer of long-simmering skulls surfaced earlier this month, when The Post exclusively reported that top Cuomo aide Melissa de Rosa, in a conference call with lawmakers from the Democratic state, admitted that the administration had taken up nursing home deaths. The extent of the toll covered was because he now anticipated an investigation by former President Donald Trump’s administration.

Kim, who attended the February 10 meeting, said that Cuomo asked him to draft a statement, “to say that Melissa Derasa said there was a federal investigation and that they had to deal with that first.” he refused.

Assembler Ron Kim has called for the impeachment of Gov. Andrew Como on the COVID-19 nursing home scandal.
Assembler Ron Kim has called for the impeachment of Gov. Andrew Como on the COVID-19 nursing home scandal.
Bernadette Hogan; Matthew McDermott

Kim is one of nine Assembly members who accused Cuomo of “obstructing justice” by stopping the true rally of nursing home residents killed by COVID-19. The governor has denied the claim.

Asked what he was told to bring in impeachment, the assembly said that Cuomo’s actions and behavior were beyond the pale.

“This is no longer about Cuomo. It is about protecting the sanctity and integrity of legislative bodies against an executive who is trying to involve 15,000 families in our lies and cover-ups every day, who lose loved ones in nursing homes, “Kim told The Post.

In the column, Kim stated that an infamous March 25 state heath department directed nursing homes to force nursing homes to recover COVID-19 positive patients, who were discharged in hospitals that caused “New York Disease prevalence among the most vulnerable population. “

“And then, to cover his track, the governor may have obstructed the Justice Department by suppressing statistics of death and death; His office underestimated the number of deaths in nursing homes by fifty percent.

The jurist also referred to Cuomo’s bullying behavior and disregard of responsibility to others “when the public gets too close to learning the truth.”

“I call this Cuomo’s Predator Inclusion Syndrome. And I won’t party for it.

“I witnessed a crime, and on top of that, 15,000 nursing home residents died under their watch. Restoring confidence in government for those families is my top and only priority, not the PR image of the governor. “

Cuomo’s office had no immediate comment.

The government left the Medgar Evers College vaccination site in Andrew Cuomo Brooklyn.
On February 22, 2021, Andrew Cuomo left the Medgar Evers College vaccination site in Brooklyn.
Matthew McDermott

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