Derrick Rose was not happy with the referee after the Knights fell short

The Warriors threw 24 free. The Knicks threw 22 free.

Nucks were not deterred by the sound of concern about officials after the first Garden game of this season with fans.

Derrick Rose was the most vocal as he felt that he was stuck on some forces for the siege. The Knicks shot 39 percent and faded in the second half – a recent trend.

“I thought we were getting good shots,” Rose said. “To be honest, we were not calling. It felt like people are going in the street and we are not getting a single call. It is difficult when it is lost. ”

The stats do not appear to have caused much turmoil, but coach Tom Thibodo was also upset, and Julius Randle fired off two technical fouls.

Do warriors just get more respect?

“I really don’t know,” Rose said. “it is us. I do not even want to name them. It gets harder when you are already struggling on the offensive end. You are driving and not making a single call. It looks like this is something else going on. “

On the eve of the Nucks’ home opener in December, swingman RJ Barrett put a positive spin on playing in a fan-less garden.

The No. 3 pick in the 2019 draft was predicted to have Nax opponents get up to play before the Garden crowd and this had an adverse effect on the home team.

On 26 December, Barrett said, “There really can be no benefit to being a fan.” I know that if I was a contestant, I come to the Garden with all those fans, I want to have a great game. So we really have no benefit.

Derrick Rose guards Steph Curry on Tuesday night.
Derrick Rose guards Steph Curry on Tuesday night.
NBAE via Getty Image

It has been played that way. The Knicks are 8-6 in their 14 crowd-less garden games. Their Tuesday tilt vs. Golden State debuted a new version of their home schedule as 2,000 fans would be allowed inside. And some of them can certainly cheer and swoop in for the game’s most popular player, Stephen Curry.

However, Barrett has changed his tune. He did not like the nullity despite the Nucks’ winning record at the Garden, highlighting a season that has been better than expected. The Knicks are 15-17 and seventh in the Eastern Conference.

Barrett, who finished with four points and 10 rebounds, even went as far as to miss the old Garden Jers.

“I am sincerely happy the fans,” said Barrett, reminding him of his December comments. “He was remembered. It is fantastic playing at home, but nothing but when you bring the fans back to the garden there I am really excited for it.

“I think it is a little different in terms of home-court benefit. There is no fan. You are really just playing basketball. I am used to it but at the end of the day, playing basketball, you want fans. You want to hear cheer, you want to hear boon. All that. “

The Garden was only 10 percent full Tuesday, so it is unclear how much noise those fans made in the 19,040 capacity area. Figure that fake cheers can be secretly aided by younger crowds during the 14 Garden Games.

“I think it means a lot to New York,” Barrett said. “This is a tremendous amount for us, which gives us an extra boost. I miss the joy and happiness where fans are happy.

Barrett led the NBA in minutes in January, but Knicks coach Tom Thibodo withdrew him, especially after trading Darren Rose. He averaged 26.7 minutes in the last seven games. The Knicks are 4-3 in that period.

In the first 24 games, Barrett averaged 35.1 minutes.

“It’s been great,” Barrett said. “Whatever the team needs. Everything the team needs is good. It has been working for us lately so I am very happy. “

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said he was enjoying the game with mixed fans. San Francisco still won’t have fans for the foreseeable future due to California law. Ownership of the Warriors has offered fans to pay for the COVID-19 tests.

“The game has a different vibe that we’ve played with thousands of fans – in Salt Lake, Phoenix and Orlando,” Kerr said. “Even having just two thousand fans makes a difference. It feels more generic, more real. The crowd noise actually appears at the right time, not the canned laughter in the sitcom. This is Mecca. ”

Austin River was available after missing Sunday’s game with an illness. The rivers, which did not play, have been out of rotation since the daily trade.

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