Dez Bryant did not consider why it is not working with Rance and what lies ahead

Dez Bryant’s time with the Baltimore Ravens is over, but the veteran wide receiver says that is not the case for his NFL career.

The 32-year-old Bryant – who returned to the league after two more seasons out – took to Twitter to explain to a fan why he didn’t get more opportunities with the Ravens.

“I felt that quick Baltimore was not the place for me,” Bryant wrote. “No blood.” This is their way of working so that you respect it. “

Despite Bryant’s failure with the Ravens, the three-time pro bowler said he was not ready to retire.

He said, “I have plans to play 2 more years and this is for me.”

Bryant, who played eight seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, said he enjoyed his time in Baltimore, but his heavy offensive system was difficult to achieve in chemistry.

“It’s hard. It’s been almost three years for me,” Bryant said. “I was flabbergasted at this point seeing my abilities [Ravens coach John] Harbag asked if I was ready to play because he felt that I am ready … you have to learn the playbook … should be on point for chemistry with the QB. ”

Dez bryant
Dez bryant
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Bryant finished the season as the No. 4 wide receiver on the Rains’ depth chart, having the worst passing attack in the NFL. He was behind Markies Brown, Miles Boykin and Willie Snead IV.

Bryant – who played just six games for Baltimore last season – also wrote that he was “thankful” for the opportunity that the Ravens gave him and he also had a good relationship with Lamar Jackson.

Referring to Jackson, Brian wrote, ‘Our chemistry was good and off the field too. “But it was people before me who understood offensive concepts better than me. You can’t put it in danger.

He said, “I was not worried about playing time. I enjoyed myself. I met some great colleagues, I think I will be in touch for a long time. “

Bryant – who was signed to the 53-man roster on November 28 – had just six receptions for 47 yards and two touchdowns during his short tenure in Baltimore. He did not even catch a pass in the Ravens’ two playoff games.

Bryant did a large amount of work during his time in Dallas before being released after the 2017 season. In 113 games, Bryant caught 531 passes for 7,459 yards and a franchise-record 73 touchdown catches.

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