Di Blasio appoints ‘Recovery Caesar’ in COVID-19 for one year

Nearly a year later the Big Apple was shocked by the COVID-19 epidemic, with Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday finally appointing a COVID-19 “recovery czar” to try to “super-charge” the ailing city.

The mayor said in a press briefing, naming the newly created “recovery” post to Lorraine Grillo, the city’s former school construction authority chief, that he would help lead a weekly “war room” in which every one of the city’s major agencies Deputy mayors and officials will be involved to coordinate the withdrawal effort.

Asked whether for so long, Hizoner insisted that his administration was too busy dealing with other “emergency” issues.

“We were focused on the emergency reality of turning this city into a fight against COVID last year, bringing us back from the subcenter in the summer to be one of the safest places in the country, including the biggest test and The nation, made up of the Trace Corps, is opening New York City public schools when many cities dare not and then plan in the city state [address] In January, “De Blasio claimed.

Bill de Blasio renamed Lorraine Grillo, the city's former school construction authority chief
Bill de Blasio named Lorraine Grillo, head of the city’s former school construction authority, the newly created “recovery” post

“And now, to bring all these stories together, [I] Decided that a Caesar could actually move this thing into the next gear, ”said Mayer.

De Blasio helped Grillo make room for his work in the city’s recovery from 2012 Hurricane Sandy, and for his universal pre-K program.

De Blasio was seen with Lauren Grillo at the Town Hall meeting on Education on January 23, 2019.
De Blasio was seen with Lauren Grillo at the Town Hall meeting on Education on 23 January 2019.
Robert mecha

“I am going to draw on my decades of experience in government through noise to get things going,” Grillo said.

“I am going to fight to make sure that our recovery is felt in every bore and every locality.”

As De Blasio announced, The Post reported that many of New York City’s remaining businesses are barely hanging on, leaving the one-time Big-Big Apple – a ghost town – of entrepreneurs struggling with virus restrictions Have been desperate for help for months.

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