Dionne shows injuries after rescuing the dog from Patrick Coyote

Image Danica Patrick posted on her Instagram story.
Image Danica Patrick posted on her Instagram story.

Do not fall between Danica Patrick and her fur children.

The former race car driver, 39, showed some fight marks after rescuing one of his puppies from coyotes on his Instagram Story. Patrick, who has two dogs – a Belgian Malinson named Ella and Siberian Husky, Dallas – did not reveal which dog was attacked.

After the attack Patrick managed to get away with minor cuts and bruises on his face, neck, legs and hands. However, his injuries looked quite traumatic in the photographs taken after the incident.

“Mommy is warming up to save my baby from a coyote,” she wrote on a time-expired image that covered her feet and hands in a scratch.

“You should see my face!” I’m looking for coyotes for you. Meanwhile the tree branches found my face, “Patrick added in a closeup photo that he had a bruise near his left eye, as well as scars on his neck.

The “Pretty Intense” podcast host raised eyebrows earlier this month when he had his romance with Carter Comstock Instagram official

Patrick dated Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers two years ago They split in July 2020. He has since moved on with actress Shailene Woodley and Way Announced their engagement In early February.

Comstock, who is a cofounder recentlyA food-making company, made its first appearance on Patrick’s social media on 16 April.

“Beach workouts are fun for one, but better with you …,” she captioned the post, which included herself from Comstock about herself getting a kiss on the cheek.

However, the entrepreneur was not considered to be present for Patrick’s Coyote Decal.

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