Draft bust of Titans Isaiah Wilson ‘done with football’

Isaiah Wilson’s time with the Titans is over … according to Isaiah Wilson.

“Done with football as a titan,” the troubled first-round Chahal in the 2020 NFL Draft tweeted – then deleted.

Titans GM John Robinson questioned whether the offensive attack was the proper motivation for an NFL career.

He said, “He has to be determined whether he wants to do what he wants to play pro football. He will be on it, ‚ÄĚRobinson said.

“I know what the level of expectation is, and it is no different from any other player on the football team. We have a certain standard that we want players to dress and perform professionally and as a people , And there is a lot of work to be done. “

Wilson, a Brooklyn native, had a devastating rookie season, including two trips to the Reserve / COVID-19 list, two run-ins with the law – the first to attend a college party in the state of Tennessee, which police called Broke and another for DUI – and played four total snaps.

ESPN.com reported At the Tennessee State Party, Wilson was on the second floor balcony and “briefly considered jumping.”

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