Drishyam 2: 7 Corporate Lessons We can learn from Mohanlal’s Georgekutty, one of the simplest protagonists! (Latest special)

Drishyam And Dirshyam 2 They may not have been the right thrillers – even if they are highly entertaining – but we cannot deny that Mohanlal’s hero Georgekutty is one of the most written heroes in commercial cinema. What makes him so heavy is not his bravado or masculinity, but his intelligence and dexterity – the two ‘strengths’ never made much use of a hero in a mainstream Indian film. Writer-director Jethu Joseph’s incredible writing and for the actor Mohanlal must surely be credited for beautifully underlining the role. Drishyam 2 Movie Review: Mohanlal’s sequel is filled with puppy surprise in his blockbuster family thriller.

Georgkuti is a Dalit man and remains the same after two films and defeating his opponents in his own game, which makes him a hero. He is a savior made of circumstances; Generally, he is a miserable family man who cares about his wife and two daughters, and has an opinion on everything. Georgekutty, or let’s call him GK (which reminds us of another brilliant underdog hero in Malayalam cinema, this time played by Mammootty in the 1987 film. New Delhi), Has also not completed schooling. He lacks education, GK compensates with his intelligence, worldly knowledge and of course, subtle manipulation. Remember how he fooled half a dozen people on a wrong date Drishyam!

in Dirshyam 2, His technique for manipulating situations goes a level further, beyond normal logic. Just as a judge in the film dismissed our exact thoughts by saying, “What an extraordinary person!” Certainly, GK is one, as he bests the entire police department twice, and not for any nefarious purposes. And with his second innings, GK learns a lot from his character. To redefine ourselves here, we are talking about further crimes (OG) Drishyam Inspired by some copycat crimes). If you are thinking so, then you failed to get the end message of the film. Explanation of Drishyam 2 ending: Will Mohanlal return to Georgekutty? find out!

But if you are in corporate training, then there are quite a few corporate lessons you can learn from Georgetti about what they planned and executed successfully. Dirshyam 2.

Life lesson # 1 – Know your priority and it doesn’t matter

Still from Drishyam 2 (Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

For GK, his biggest priority was to keep his family safe. He may have committed a crime by hiding the body, but there is a valid explanation for that. His wife and his daughter killed the victim in self-defense because the latter was trying to molest him, and knowing that he was the son of a top-ranking officer, Georgekutty was not sure whether a plea to self-defense was Can be used as a way to protect them. in Drishyam 2, The dead boy’s mother told the new IG that she refrained from the FIR to avoid mentioning a nude clip of GK’s daughter being shot, and also that she did not mind that it was GK’s daughter who killed the boy. Was called home. It is enough for us to understand that law and order will not be appropriate for the family of GK, and it has maintained its priority even at the cost of compassion.

Life Lesson # 2 – Dissemination of only the necessary information

Meena and Mohanlal in DRISHM 2 (Photo courtesy: Amazon Prime Video)

Even though GK kept the whereabouts of the body, he failed to stop its search. Yet if he managed to come out of the situation easily, it is because he had been planning his backup strategy for years. When we talk further on that, the smart work he did ensures that his family members never discuss the incident on the roof. They may suspect that they may have been hurt, which is exactly what happened. Imagine if he told them where he hid the body, the police would get information from his family members, who are not as flexible as him. Even when GK confesses his crime to the police officer, he does not tell the whole truth, so that they can put his guard down and think that they have framed him. How wrong they are!

Life lesson # 3 – Always have foresight and prepare accordingly

Still from Drishyam 2 (Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

GK is not a super-confident man. When he told his family that no one could find where he hid the body, he was not boasting. As it was mentioned in Dirshyam 2, He knew that the skeleton would jump out of the closet, and in this case, off the floor of a police station. And he is preparing for that, perhaps at that very moment, he buried the body inside. He did not rest on his victory, instead he prepared himself for the next battle.

Life Lesson # 4 – Take Risk

Mohanlal in DRISHM 2 (Photo courtesy: Amazon Prime Video)

When screenwriter Vinayachandran (Saikumar) shared his experience writing the screenplay with Geeta (Asha Sarath), Prabhakar (Siddiqui) and Thomas (Murali Gopi), he says that he and GK did not agree on a climax. Due to risk factors. Earlier in the film, even GK tells Vinayachandran that he does not support that climax for the same reasons. And yet, he planned and carried out his plan accordingly, knowing that the slightest failure would affect everyone. In the end for GK, his risks paid dividends and he again managed to save his family.

Life lesson # 5 – Know your competition

Murali Gopi in Drishyam 2 (Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Thomas finally says to Geeta that it is not them who were keeping an eye on GK, but also in another way. And how true this statement is! GK placed a CCTV near his cable TV office to keep a tab on what is happening in the police station. He sought out the police procedures used to carry his body, and exploited vulnerable areas to his advantage. He used the law (and a strong lawyer) to shorten his question hour, and later to gain immunity from the court. Whatever the police strategist did, GK always thought one step ahead. That is why whenever GK staggered – his neighbors did not realize that he still managed to save the day!

Life lesson # 6 – Use your resources smartly and invest properly

Mohanlal in DRISHM 2 (Photo courtesy: Amazon Prime Video)

Earlier in the film, GK’s wife Rani (Meena) accused him of wasting his money for film production, and even started drinking alcohol. We also come to know later that he was helping a poor church-worker financially when the latter was in bed. It is only towards the end that we know the money was meant to get the right information, Boa had to reorganize a future ally, and Dan was a means of keeping his secret by buying the man’s confidence. By investing in the theater and selling some of his land, he got the big money he needed, which also meant that he did not need to be at his workplace all the time.

Life Lesson # 7 – Be Prepared for Fall

Mohanlal in DRISHM 2 (Photo courtesy: Amazon Prime Video)

GK was not only ready to take the blame for the murder that his wife and daughter committed, but he also lived with the culprit over the wrongdoing he had committed (to the boy’s parents). This is a sign of a great team-leader. Dirshyam 2 Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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