Drishyam 2 Termination Explained: Will Mohanlal return to Georgekutty? find out! (Detective – latest special)

Fans of Mohanlal can now breathe a sigh of relief. The sequel to one of his better films in recent times, DrishyamIs not a cloak, and he is in himself Dirshyam 2Is the biggest win. First of all Drishyam There is a glorious ending, which made us wary if the sequel (like many others before it) ruined it. the fact that Drishyam 2 opted for OTT release instead of coming to theaters – O.G. Drishyam Malayalam was one of the biggest blockbusters of cinema – added to our skepticism. Thankfully, director Jethu Joseph does not harm the legacy of his biggest hits, as Dirshyam 2 A surprise twisty thriller remains, even if it is not as good as before. Drishyam 2 Movie Review: Mohanlal’s sequel is filled with puppy surprise in his blockbuster family thriller.

Here, we are going to discuss some heavy detectives about the film, so if you haven’t seen it, proceed with caution. Real Drishyam One was about a cable television operator Georgekutty (Mohanlal), a simple family man who had to hide the bodies of wife (Meena) and elder daughter (Ansiba Hassan) of a boy killed in self-defense. Since the dead boy is the son of IG Geeta Prabhakar (Asha Sarath), the police are more enthusiastic in solving the case, but in the end, they never find out where he hid the body, thus giving George and his family Scared -free. In the final scene, we find out that he hid the corpse in the floor of the local police station under construction – the last place where the police would search for him.

Dirshyam 2 Occurs after six years. Georgekutty and his family are fine now. He is a theater-owner and plans to produce a film for some time. While everything seems hanky-dory, his dark secrets continue to make him a crime, though Georgekutty convinces his wife and children to never discuss that dark night under the roof.

He was right, however, that the police have not forgotten the case yet. From spying on as his new neighbors to spoiling his house, the police (who are now retired and settled in the US) led by Geeta are friends, new IG Thomas Bastin IPS (Murali Gopi, who in the film Are excellent) looking forward to. To Georgekutty or any member of his family to fall his shield.

Still 2 from Drishyam

With a stroke of luck, the police discover they have an eyewitness to Georgecutty hiding the body – a recently released criminal called Jose, who saw George with a shovel at the police station. Based on his revelation, police excavated the station floor and unearthed the skeleton. After sending the bones for forensics and DNA tests, they again bring Georgecutty and his family for questioning. When Geeta convinces her elder daughter to have epileptic seizures later, Georgekutty has a private conversation with Thomas, claiming that she killed the dead boy and presenting evidence of his act. Drishyam 2: Missed the original? Mohanlal recalled the thrilling story of Georgekutty and his family before examining the sequel on 19 February!

However, the police once again weakened his opponent’s foresight and intelligence and his determination to save his family, come what may. He learns that the next day, when Georgetti appears in court and denies all charges, and Thomas, Geeta and Geeta’s pacifist husband Prabhakar (Siddiqui) find themselves an unexpected guest. Aasthi became a once popular screenwriter in Malayalam cinema, Vinayachandran (Saikumar). He tells them that he has been working with Georgekutty for a screenplay since 2016, based on a story narrated by Georgekutty, which seems to be happening in this case, and even Georgekutty’s current Also denotes prophecy. While the listeners are stunned to hear this, they get an even more shocking news – the dead skeleton that the police found at the station was not Geeta’s son.

So how did Georgekutty overcome the impossible this time?

How Georgette Trump Once Again

Georgekutty always knew that his secret would not remain hidden, and his family would once again be in danger. Even though he did not know how it would happen, Georgekutty was sure that his past would return to bite him and he resolved to prepare himself. We know that he is a big film buff, and it is his love of cinema that he uses to make shields again.

Still from Drishyam 2

Earlier in the film, his wife Rani (Meena Sagar) complains that she is spending so much money on her film and is becoming an alcoholic. Little did he know that this was all part of his plan to save them.

Millions have been spent on paying fees to Vinayachandran for writing the screenplay. Through Vinayachandran, Georgekutty learns about the police procedures that occur when searching for an unknown body. Using this information, he goes to Ernakulam to befriend the acting-aspiring security guard. This is to be more friendly with him, when the guard is on night duty, Georgetti gets drunk. Even his profit for an old poor acquaintance was intended – the man was about to dig a grave in the cemetery, and after winning it, Georgekutty convinced him to steal the skeleton of another man. Since the body has not been identified, the police will not be able to send it back to the receiver or Georgekutty.

Georgekutty had never let the cable operating business go, even though it was not bringing him money. He even puts security cameras around the office. The reason is that he can spy on what is happening in the police station. So as he watches the dig in the police station, Georgekutty knows that his secret will be out, so he takes his bag of ‘bones’ in his office, goes to meet his guard friend in Kochi, and secretly switches. Is mortal stays in the latter’s office.

Still 2 from Drishyam

Whatever he used to do as part of his place, Georgekutty made sure that it was also part of the screenplay she was working on with Vinayachandran. On the pretext that the script might be stolen, Georgekutty published it as a novel Drishyam, But it was not very marketable, so it remained under the radar. It also helped that he sold the novel under the name Vinayachandran. It was therefore easy to accuse the police of attempting to make Georgekutty’s case similar to the novel that was published six months earlier.

Being the only eyewitness, along with being a former criminal and the body of someone else, Georgekutty was once again sentenced to life imprisonment by himself and his family.

But there is more …

Georgekutty comes out of jail again, but he can never escape the guilt of his crime, injuring the dead boy’s parents by keeping them in the dark. As some repent, he burns the boy’s skeleton according to Hindu rites and sends ashes to the parents so that they can complete the last rites. Thomas asks Geeta to drop the investigation against Georgekutty, as it is now established that she will go to any length to save her family.

Still from Drishyam 2

He also tells her that Georgekutty is already being punished – because he always has to be careful and restless all his life, so that he doesn’t keep an eye on the police. This meeting with Georgekutty from afar and then away is true of Thomas’ words …

The promise of Drishyam 3?

Here, we have to get into some speculation. Although Thomas gives Geeta a reasonable argument to drop the case, she does not accept his request. Being a mother and having arrogance and intelligence to match her rival, we are not sure that Geeta would even let sleeping dogs lie. For the case, even the police. He was fooled twice for Georgekutty.

It remains to be seen how mindless GeorgeQT’s escape plan was this time. When he comes across Vinayachandran, he kicks off on the technicalities (when his screenplay is different at the climax), there are many flaws in Georgekutty’s plan to save his family for a second time, which is easy to deal with. , If the police really want service to me.

So there will be Dirshyam 3The Dirshyam 2 Ends on a poignant, existential note, making for a defined conclusion. But unlike before Drishyam, Jethu is not afraid to keep the doors open for viewers to revisit the ever-vigilant world of Joseph Georgetti. When, we don’t know … The police jeep can always take a turn at the house of Georgecutty and his family anytime in the future. Georgekutty will be waiting, and so we hope on the big screen next time. Dirshyam 2 Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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