Dwayne Wade was shocked after learning about Tiger Woods accident after a golf lesson.

Dwayne Wade recalled his shock a day after news of Tiger Woods’ fatal accident took lessons from the golf veteran.

The retired Hoops star told the NBA on TNT on Tuesday night that he was “so proud” to post the first-day Instagram pics of his Monday lesson with “The Goat”, which means the biggest of all time .

The 39-year-old former basketball player said, “I took a nap and woke up to this news.”

Wade said, “As everyone is out, my thoughts and prayers go to his loved ones.” Tweeted a message 33 emojis of hands in prayer.

“Because we were all shaken up and shaken at that moment, not knowing what happened to Tiger,” he said.

“I raised a golf club like many in the black community because of Tiger Woods,” he called Monday’s lesson “an incredible opportunity” and “a great day”.

“My prayers go out to him and hopefully a quick recovery for him,” he said.

“And hopefully I get a chance to do what he loves to do and he’s playing a game of golf, and I’m just grateful that he gave me time yesterday to teach me a few things about the game.”

Dolph Wade and Tiger Wood were playing golf the day before the golfer's near fatal accident.
Dolph Wade and Tiger Wood were playing golf the day before the golfer’s near fatal accident.

In his emoji-filled tweet on Wednesday, Wade told Tiger, “Take your time to fix it. I look forward to our next lesson on greens. “

Tiger mocked the former Hoops star’s golfing ability when he shook his head and asked if Wade was “good” at Link? Initial Social Media Post Tuesday.

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