Eagles’ Jalen Reagor drops two potential TD passes in final minute of team’s loss to Giants

Eagles' Jalen Reagor drops two potential TD passes in final minute of team's loss to Giants


The Eagles had more than one chance in the last minute of Sunday’s game to beat the Giants but still ended up losing 13-7.

What went wrong? For starters, wide receiver Jalen Reagor dropped not one, but two, potential touchdown passes in the final minute of the fourth quarter. If he had caught just one of them, the Eagles (5-7) would have been able to win the game.

The first pass, which Philadelphia QB Jalen Hurts launched from about the 50-yard line, bounced off Reagor’s helmet as he was running into the end zone.

The second pass, also from Hurts, came about 40 seconds later, this time from inside the Giants’ 35. The ball landed in, and then out, of Reagor’s hands. This ended up being Philadelphia’s last play of the game because it came on fourth down.

Fans were not happy with Reagor after the game. Reagor spoke with media and acknowledged that fans will be upset about his performance, which he called “uncharacteristic.” He was credited with one drop coming into the game, according to Pro Football Reference.

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“They were drops. . . . You’ve got to take the heat,” Reagor said, via The Philadelphia Inquirer. “Whatever is going to be said is going to be said regardless.”

Reagor’s performance Sunday brought flashbacks to Nelson Agholor, who became notorious among Eagles fans for important drops. Agholor’s last season with the Eagles was 2019, which was the year he had multiple drops, some of which were on passes that could have gone for touchdowns.

Eagles fans were also reminded about the wide receivers the team could have drafted last year instead of Reagor. One stood out the most: Justin Jefferson, who was picked by the Vikings one spot after Reagor in the 2020 NFL Draft.

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Just by comparing their statistics, it makes sense why Eagles fans are upset. This season, Reagor has caught 25 of his 45 targets for 201 yards and two touchdowns. He had two catches in seven targets Sunday. Jefferson, on the other hand, came into Sunday’s action with 63 catches on 89 targets for 944 yards and six touchdowns. Quite the difference from Reagor.

Fans are calling for Reagor to be benched in Week 13 against the Jets. Eagles coach Nick Sirianni has not commented on Reagor’s status.

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