Ex-North Miami Beach Police Nicholas Lentz Accused in Capital Riot

A former Florida cop has been accused of breaking the US Capitol during the January 6 uprising and announcing on Facebook that “America has spoken.” According to a report, you cannot stop millions of people.

Nicholas Lentz, 41, who served with the North Miami Beach Police Department from June 2016 until last August, was charged with entering a prohibited building or grounds and conduct disruptive and disorderly conduct on a restricted basis, The Miami Herald reported.

“We’re not hurting any cops here, of course. I love my boys in blue, but it’s heavy for them. According to the FBI’s affidavit quoted on paper, Lentz in the video posted on Facebook Said that they have no way.

According to court records, the Feds interviewed Lentz at his home in Boynton Beach on Friday and admitted staying inside the Capitol building during the riots.

Nichols Lentz was arrested for his alleged role in the capital riots.
Nichols Lentz was arrested for his alleged role in the capital riots.

He said he drove from Florida to Washington, DC at 6 a.m. to attend the then President Trump’s rally. The then president left to attend Trump’s rally.

Ex-police denied any act of physical violence.

According to the FBI affidavit, “Lentz believed that no one in the US Capitol was concerned about trespass, nor were there any warning signs about trespass.” “He said that, despite the foregoing, ‘of course you know you are trespassing.’ “

According to the news agency, the former US Marine, who voluntarily left his post with the police agency, posted bail after his bond was set at $ 25,000.

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