Female teen attacked on a train in Columbus Circle

On Friday afternoon, a 19-year-old female stretcher collided with a man’s face in a train in Columbus Circle, police said.

The attack is the latest in a spate of violent incidents on the city’s metro system this year – including a random double murder spree on the A line last weekend.

According to police, Friday’s attack occurred after 12:41 pm.

Police said it was unclear what happened to the attack, but a good Samaritan stepped in to prevent further violence and held the man until police arrived.

Police said the attacker, whose name was not immediately released, resisted arrest and held one of the officers on his arm.

According to police, the suspect was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

On February 19, 2021, a suspect was removed from the Uptown platform of A Train in Columbus Circle, Manhattan.
On February 19, 2021, a suspect has been removed from the city platform of A Train in Columbus Circle, Manhattan.
Daniel William McKnight

Police were treated at Mount Sinai for the bite, which broke the skin, and the woman was treated at Lenox Hill Hospital for a facial injury.

Fees are pending.

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