Footage shows hero Kansas City cop save infant

Footage shows hero Kansas City cop save infant

Dramatic bodycam footage captures the moment a hero Kansas City cop rushes into a local home and saves a 1-month-old girl who stopped breathing, police said.

Officer Richard DuChaine is captured sprinting into the one-story home in the Missouri city Nov. 3 and quickly taking a baby named Kamiyah from her father and beginning chest compressions with his fingers, the newly released police bodycam video shows.

“I can feel her,” DuChaine’s partner, Charles Owen, is heard saying. “Turn her around and hit the back.”

DuChaine turns the baby over and begins back pats.

” ‘C’mon, sweetie,’ ” one of the officers says. ” ‘C’mon.’ I can hear her.”

Owen says, “Try a little harder.

“She’s breathing now,” he says moments later.

Kansas City Police Officer Richard DuChaine saved baby Kamiyah's life.
Kansas City Police Officer Richard DuChaine is being hailed a hero for saving the life of a 1-month-old during a call Nov. 3.
Kansas City Police

Kamiyah can be seen breathing again when DuChaine turns her over while holding her gingerly in his hand.

“She’s breathing now,” he says.

Police said DuChaine and Owen arrived at the home before paramedics could get there, with the hero cop later visiting the tiny patient at a nearby hospital, the department said.

“Officer Richard DuChaine saved a baby’s life!” the department raved. “Officer DuChaine and Officer Owen, thank you for your continued service to Kansas City.”