Former Alabama running back Nazi Harris says he trolls fans by calling him ‘War Eagle’

She made a considerable career for herself in Alabama, leaving Nazi Harris behind – not only for her on-field acclaim, but also for the way she interacted with the media.

And, apparently, Crimson Tide fans.

The 2020 Doc Walker Award winner and unanimous America selection said he would troll Alabama fans sometimes with the two words they hear the most. He revealed as much in Wednesday’s interview with “The Pat McAfee Show”:

“I know it’s a matter of saying ‘roll tide’,” Harris said. “But, Goddam, sometimes when I’m just getting food … ‘Roll Tide. Roll Tide, Najee.’ I’ll be like, ‘Brother, let me have my dinner.’ Sometimes I like to joke around with people – very often they say, ‘Roll Tide, Nazi’. And I’m like ‘Well War Eagle.’

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Harris’s revelations – emphasized by Southern accent and all – drew a shocking response from McAfee, but he was hilarious in his narration of the story:

It is true that Harris, a resident of Antioch, California, has not adopted the traditions and rivalry of the Crimson Tide as some of his peers. Here’s another example when he completely knocked down the Tide’s most important opponent:

Alabama fans probably pardon Harris, noting that his 3,843 career rushing yards, 781 career receiving yards and 57 touchdams exceed his four-year career. He also played key roles in the team’s national championship winning seasons in 2017 and ’20.

Harris had several notable interactions with the media in 2020, such as when he Missed a reporter Who covered her in high school and a Hilarious response To claim that he “spontaneously” ran through Ohio State’s defense in the 2021 College Football Playoff Championship game.

All aspects of personality Alabama fans have fallen in love with – even with their occasional call to “War Eagle”.

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