Former Virginia correctional employee claims he was fired for wearing a tampon

A former employee of the Virginia Department of Corrections could proceed with a lawsuit that claims he was fired because the jail thought there was a dispute with his tampon, a judge ruled on Monday.

Joyce Floors alleged in a lawsuit that she was fired from her job as a dentist in July 2019, because her colleagues mistook the tampon for a brawl during a body scan at the facility, despite explaining its position Tried again and again.

“Did not at any point [Flores] Try to bring contradiction in acc. The reason provided by the VDOC for termination is an excuse for sex discrimination. The plaintiff’s employment was terminated because she was a menstrual woman who uses a women’s hygiene product when she arrived to work on 17 July 2019. ” The lawsuit, filed in November, charges


In response, the Department of Corrections asked a judge to drop the claims, arguing that Floors did not provide enough evidence to prove gender discrimination at the time of her firing, t.He reported to Virginia Mercury.

However, District Judge Thomas Cullen denied the department’s request, stating “Floors’ menstruation and use of a tampon – a condition unqualified by her sex and her childbearing ability – are not discharged.”

In 2018, Virginia Department of Corrections Women banned from wearing tampons While visiting the prisoners, it was raised that its body scanning system would not be able to separate the female hygiene product from the contraband.

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