Garbage picker’s father now claims he was killed by a hitman

The death of Lara Prichodko – a wealthy Manhattan woman who died in the litter of her building in 2018 – has long been ruled by a bizarre accident.

But her father has a different theory – in a wild new lawsuit claiming that her daughter’s husband hired a hitman to kill her.

The Manhattan Supreme Court filed a wrongful death lawsuit – filed on Tuesday on behalf of her estate by Prikodko’s father Nicholas Prychodko and financial advisor Lance Meyerovich – providing no evidence of a claim.

But it has been alleged that Priochko’s husband David Schlachet paid someone to lock up his 48-year-old wife as he stood to lose half of his nearly $ 6 million fortune from the final of their controversial divorce couple. .

No criminal charges have been laid against Shalakhet in connection with the case.

Prychodko was found dead on July 10 in the basement garbage chamber of his luxury Union Square building, less than a month later when he celebrated his birthday in Paris with family and friends.

At that time, police said that she was last seen alive on surveillance video, in which she was seen drunk and staggering.

A maintenance worker discovered her body “crushed from several angles”, the compactor said.

The City Medical Examiner reported the accident on Prychodko’s death in December that year.

Police investigated the scene in 2018 of a body found in a garbage room in the Zecanfort Towers.
Police investigated the scene in 2018 of a body found in a garbage room in the Zeconfer Towers.
William Miller

But her family said it was not an accident, and former New York City chief medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden was appointed, who stated that he found that Prikodko may have been strangled to death.

Now his new suit alleges that he was strangled by the hit man – identified only as “John Doe”, and also named as a defendant in court papers – at the behest of Schlakhet.

Sue met Hubby and John Doe several times in Manhattan in June 2018.

“On information and belief, during these meetings, Schlache offered John Doe to pay for the murder of Lara Priochodko,” the suit claims, stating that John Doe confessed and agreed to assassinate him Happened.

The suit alleges that Shlakhet was able to track Prikodco through software installed in his laptop, and in early July 2018, “John Doe” visited the Zekendorf Towers and another nearby building, where Prychodko had a The apartment was kept.

Court documents state that when Praichodko took the elevator to the 27th floor on 10 July 2018, “John Doe strangled him to death and then dumped his body under the dustbin of the building.”

Several days later, the suit alleges Schlakat met “John Doe” in Manhattan and “paid John Doe the final payment for the murder of Lara Priochodko.”

Slackath then allegedly attempted to “cover up” the “planting” by shifting stories away from himself as a suspect in various news outlets, the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit accuses Schlachet of being “financially motivated” to kill one’s mother, who he was going through a “strident divorce” with at the time.

His construction company, Tacone Inc., filed for bankruptcy in 2016, while facing several lawsuits, it notes.

The lawsuit is seeking Schlakhet’s disqualification “in the amount to be determined at trial” and as a beneficiary of Pralchodko’s assets.

A lawyer for Nicholas Pricodko declined to comment on The Post on Wednesday.

Shlakhet did not immediately return a request for comment by The Post.

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