Giants’ Brian Daboll still trying to figure out Daniel Jones

Giants' Brian Daboll still trying to figure out Daniel Jones

It’s the budding stages of a relationship that may last only until the end of this season and then come to an end, or else continue on for a few more, or perhaps many more years. The head coach-quarterback connection is vital to the success of a team, and Brian Daboll is slowly and steadily finding out what makes Daniel Jones tick. 

“I’ve gotten on him, I’ve loved him up,’’ Daboll said Wednesday. 

The Giants are 2-0 and Daboll has praised Jones for the way he has played in victories over the Titans (21-20) and Panthers (19-16). The offense, and Jones, have not been especially dynamic or productive but the offense, and Jones, have also not been self-destructive or mistake prone. Much is thrust upon a quarterback, and Jones is in the early stages of learning Daboll’s system. So far, so good. 

“He’s made the right decision, I’d say, a lot,’’ Daboll said. 

The sight of Daboll ripping off his headset and giving Jones an earful after Jones threw an end zone interception in the season opener in Nashville was a departure from the way Pat Shurmur and Joe Judge — Jones’ previous two head coaches — outwardly reacted toward Jones. Seated on the bench, Jones’s reaction was not noteworthy — he certainly did not give it back to Daboll — but it did reveal the difference between the head coach and the quarterback. 

Giants head coach Brian Daboll celebrates with quarterback Daniel Jones following their win over the Titans on Sunday Sept. 11, 2022 in Nashville, Tenn.
Giants head coach Brian Daboll celebrates with quarterback Daniel Jones following their win over the Titans.

“He’s very steady and I’m a fairly emotional guy and it’s a good mix,’’ Daboll said. “Because I can get pretty high-strung at times and he’s very, very consistent. He responds to a variety of different coaching techniques, if you will.’’ 

Daboll admits this is part of a process — “That’s not something I’ve had a lot of experience with him, I’m learning that as we go’’ — and says his communication with Jones, while it might get heated at times, has the desired effect of finding solutions. Daboll will want to know what Jones saw on a particular play, Jones will give a detailed explanation. Often, they come to a meeting of the minds. Sometimes, they do not. 

“Talk about what you saw, here’s what I saw, let’s make a correction,’’ Daboll said. “I’d say that’s usually the way it works. If there’s a really poor decision, then maybe then it’s not as much what did you see is not what I saw.’’ 

Daboll acknowledges he is not the one on the field and that what a quarterback sees and feels is important information. Jones, while often stoic, is not always compliant when it comes to the give-and-take with his head coach. 

“Whatever it may be, he’s a good communicator in that regard and he’s got a little spunk to him, too,’’ Daboll said. “I know everybody doesn’t see it, but he has that as well. 

“There hasn’t been much I haven’t done with him that he hasn’t responded to. I think that’s the mark of a good pro.’’ 

Jones smiled when asked about the working relationship with the more emotive Daboll. 

“That’s his personality,’’ Jones said. “I’ve had coaches more that way and I’ve had coaches differently. It’s just a personality thing, it’s not good or bad it’s just the way it is. I think it’s gone well and our communication’s been great so far.’’