Google TV will include a new ‘basic’ mode to make your smart TV dumb

Google TV, the latest attempt at discovery in TV software, will include a new “Basic TV” mode that strips the smart features of a TV in favor of providing simple access to live TV and HDMI input. 9to5Google Reports. This is a potential boon for anyone who has ever wanted to dumb-down their smart TV because they prefer an external streamer or because they value privacy.

Google TV debuted on the new Chromecast, where it introduced a new interface built on Google’s existing Android TV software, but will soon be introduced as built-in software The bond And Sony’s upcoming T.V.

According to 9to5Google, You can select “Basic TV” mode in the setup. By doing this, the operating system supports apps, content recommendations and Google Assistant. It is possible to return to the standard interface at any time, but the original mode can only be selected on setup. Unfortunately it is unclear what the interface will look like since the developer-focused ADT-3 dongle 9to5Google

The mode tested does not have the necessary live TV or HDMI hardware. We also have no idea how native mode will affect data collection.

Shows the interface that shows the basic TV mode strips.
Image: Google / 9to5Google

Google spokesman confirmed this 9to5Google This mode is specifically a feature of Google TV rather than Android TV 12.

There are a lot of reasons that people want to remove all smarts from smart TVs. Many users rely on set-top boxes from Apple, Roku, or Amazon for their streaming content, and a duplicate interface built into their TVs just gets in the way. Developers may continue to use the TV for a longer period of time because developers have stopped supporting its software and apps, at which point it should be able to strip it to its bare essentials to improve performance. Or maybe you don’t like the idea of ​​using a smart TV, which gives them a history of tracking everything you watch.

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