Hasbro Releases Mr. Potato Head as Gender Neutral Potato Head

Mr. Potato’s Head has been a classic children’s toy that debuted back in 1952, but the brand is undergoing a more modern gender neutral neutral.

Mr. Potato Head is now Potato Head, and Hasbro is releasing a product called Create Your Potato Head Family. The new toy offers a bunch of different accessories and faces that allow people to create a combination of potato heads that they like.

An image provided by Hasbro shows two different possible set-ups, one with two potato heads hanging with its cheerful potato baby.

Picture: Hasbro

Each kit contains enough ingredients to produce two large potatoes and a baby, but children can mix whatever items they like to create a diverse crop of potential parents. The new line will be released in the fall of 2021.

The move towards a new era of potato prospects has already arisen to some extent from conservative commentators on social media – as well as people who are oblivious to the change. Regardless, each mash-up kit will come with two large bodies, a smaller body and 42 accessories to mix and match. Expected retail price will be $ 19.99, and this potato family should be available at most major dotcom retailers.

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