Here is an interactive 4K view of Perseverance’s Mars landing site

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has posted an interactive 360-degree view of the Persistence Landing Site on Mars in 4K resolution. This is the latest jaw-dropping fantasy to return from a mission, including that incredible video of a rover roaming through the Martian atmosphere before being “skycranched” to the surface of the Red Planet.

The 60-second video was captured by the convivial color nevice, above a sensing mast above the rover. The 360-degree view can be navigated in the browser or in the YouTube app on your phone. The images were captured on 20 February, two days after the fixture landed at the Jazero Crater.

Perseverance has a total of 23 cameras, the highest of any Mars rover to date: 16 for engineering and science, and another seven that recorded those dramatic images of entry, decent and landing. Audio captured at the landing site by Perseverance’s microphone is also posted to NASA’s SoundCloud account.

NASA’s image shows the location of two colored boats.
Image: NASA

NASA’s perseverance mission has already made the total public 4,796 raw images to date. Persistence is capable of orbiting data at a rate of up to 2Mbps, which is above the orbiters. Mars orbiters send data back to Earth using their larger antennas and more powerful transmitters. The video of the vehicle descending from the surface is about 30GB of stitched images together.

The Perseverance Rover is designed to look for signs of life and better understand the ancient geology of Mars. It will spend at least one Mars year (two Earth years) exploring the area around the landing site.

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