Hillary Clinton writes that political thriller reflects her life

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Hillary Clinton has introduced a political thriller titled “State of Terror” about a fictional secretary of state, she revealed on Tuesday.

Previously stated in a statement By axiosObama’s former foreign secretary and unsuccessful 2016 presidential candidate announced that the book would be released in October by Simon & Schuster and St. Martin’s Press.

In the novel, “a novice secretary joins his rival’s administration.”

“A series of terrorist attacks threw the global order into disarray, and the Secretary is tasked to assemble a team to uncover the deadly plot, a plan carefully meticulously touched by the US government and out of power Designed to benefit from out-of-the-way locations. Where it matters the most, ”reads Synopsis.

While the book is listed as fiction, the story will in many ways reflect Clinton’s real life.

Hillary Clinton co-wrote
Hillary Clinton wrote “State of Terror” with Lewis Penny.
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Clinton wrote the novel with Lewis Penny, a writer and his longtime friend. Some of Penny’s earlier works include “The Crueliest Month” and “The Brutal Tailing”.

“Writing a thriller with Lewis is a dream come true,” the former Secretary of State said in a statement, “I have missed every single of her books and characters, as well as her friendship.”

“We are now connecting with our experiences to explore the complex world of high stakes diplomacy and betrayal. It does not seem like all before. “

Clinton is not the first in his family to pen a novel. Former President Bill Clinton teamed up with writer James Patterson for the 2018 political thriller film “The President Missing”.

The two have another novel in their works, titled “The President’s Daughter”, scheduled to be released this June.

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