How the PBE version trumps over the live game build of Valorant


Valorant PBE servers came out on the 9th of July for players living in the North American region. The PBE brings an early build of the 3.02 patch which might be released on Tuesday, 20th July.

Riot Games are bringing some changes to their update rollouts with the introduction of PBE servers. PBE servers will be available one weekend prior to each patch and although it is not guaranteed, every patch will provide such opportunities to players.

Riot Games took a great initiative to ensure a great player experience by taking feedback from them on the PBE server. The current PBE server provides an early build of the 3.02 patch for testing.

A word of advice: Not everything perceptible in the test build may make it into the live build. The purpose of a PBE is to collect feedback from players in order to provide a better final release.

How Valorant live build compares to PBE build

As of now, Valorant Public Beta Environment is only available in the North American region. Riot Games made this choice as most of their employees live in that region.

This allows Riot Games to react to problems with PBE faster and resolve them.

Riot Games hasn’t said much about plans to expand the PBE to other regions. However, the Valorant developer team will undoubtedly make use of PBE when it becomes available to the masses.

Riot Games will continue to experiment in the chosen region for the time being. The main goal is to collect useful data quickly and work on it before deploying it on Valorant’s live build.

Twitter user going by the name Shiick, tweeted a comparison video. In the comparison video, it can be seen that Omen teleporting does not stick out of the wall. When Omen teleported, the bug practically revealed his location.

Now with Valorant trying to fix it on the PBE 3.02 patch, players are pleased that their suggestions are having a greater impact this time.

Despite the fact that many people want to be a part of the PBE, Valorant is only allowing a limited number of players for the time being.

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