Iranian woman hanged even after death: report

An Iranian woman died while suffering a heart attack – but her body was still hung so that her victim’s mother could see it, according to her lawyer.

Zahara Ismaili was waiting for her turn to be hanged last Wednesday to kill a senior agent in the intelligence ministry whom she accused of being abusive, According to The Times of London.

She died after seeing 16 men hanging in front of her, according to a message from her lawyer, Omid Mordi, shared by a UK newspaper. Iran Human Rights Monitor (HRM).

“Zahara’s heart stopped and she died before she was hanged,” Moradi allegedly wrote, adding that the official cause of death was listed as “cardiac arrest”.

“They hung her lifeless body, and the victim’s mother, Fatehim Asal-Mahi, personally kicked the feces from under her feet, so that she could even see her daughter-in-law’s body hanged for a few seconds,” Deleted posts since he wrote, according to the outlet.

The body was hanged in the morning in Rajaishahar jail, a notoriously harsh prison in Qaraj, a suburb of the capital Tehran.

Moridi insisted that Ismaili acted in self-defense to save herself and her children when she killed her husband, Alirza Zamani, the UK Times said.

The UK newspaper said that the Islamic Republic has sentenced many people to death in the last few weeks, but 17 people have been sentenced to death simultaneously.

Ismaili was among the last week to kill 114 women under Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, which began in 2013, according to Iran HRM.

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