Israel to share names of those not vaccinated against COVID-19

The Parliament of Israel has passed a law allowing the government to share with other authorities the names, addresses and phone numbers of people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to Agence France-Presse, the measure empowers the Director General of the Ministry of Education and some officials of the Ministry of Welfare to receive information about irresponsible citizens.

A statement said that the law, which is valid for three months or until an epidemic is declared, means “encouraging these bodies to get vaccinated by addressing people in person,” Parliament or Cassett said in a statement .

The Jewish state has given the Pfizer / Bioentech jab about one-third of its 7 million people.

As it emerges from its latest lockdown, Israel is restricting certain services, including access to the gym and indoor food, to be vaccinated by giving a so-called Green Pass only to those who have received both doses.

It has raised concerns about unequal access for those who do not exercise their authority.

According to the AFP, Labor Party leader Merav Micheli accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of denying citizens the right to privacy of their medical information.

Knesset said personal information can only be used to encourage people to vaccinate.

“The information will be removed within 60 days after its use,” according to the law, and “the person who was contacted may demand that their details be removed and they are not contacted again.”

Foreign nationals wait in a row to receive COVID-19 vaccine at a new vaccination center for foreign nationals in Tel Aviv
Foreign nationals wait in a line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Tel Aviv at a brand new vaccination center

Ham Katz of Netanyahu’s Likud party defended the law.

“I have been asked what about people’s privacy: is privacy more important than life?” Katz said in Parliament.

Netanyahu later called on citizens to get vaccinated “to get back to normal life”, with Israel aiming to fully vaccinate 6.2 million people before the beginning of April.

“More than a million adults have not been vaccinated yet,” he said, “in the world, people are waiting for vaccines,” [but] Vaccines are waiting for people here. “

A woman is vaccinated against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at a temporary vaccination center in a sports court in Tel Aviv.
Israel has given a third of its 7 million people to the Pfizer / Bioentech jab.
REUTERS / Corinna Cairn

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