Italian landslide sends 200 coffins falling into the sea

According to reports, more than 200 coffins fell into the sea when the rock collapsed near a cemetery in coastal Italy.

Workers at the Camogli cemetery, built 100 years ago near the coast of Genoa, first noticed cracks along the cemetery wall on Saturday during some routine maintenance, according to Francesco Olivari, the mayor of Cangley.

“Some of the symptoms of Fisher were seen. We decided to close the cemetery, “Olivari Told CNN.

On Monday, 200 coffins were sent to the sea due to falling rocks.

The crew has recovered 10 coffins. There were at least 190 unaccounted for Tuesday.

Locating the remaining coffins “will depend on the sea in the coming days,” according to the Regional Assistant for Civil Defense, Giacomo Gimpedron.

As of Monday, Zampedron said that the port authority has blocked the coastal area near the cemetery to prevent any coffins from exiting the sea.

“This type of collapse has happened today or is very difficult to detect,” Olivari said. “This area is subject to this type of collapse – it is very fragile.”

The Office of Civil Defense in Liguria was called to assess the situation and see if there was still any further possibility of a landslide as well as to understand the true extent of the damage.

The mayor called the incident “unimaginable mayhem”.

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