Jamal Murray, Michael Porter Jr. Take Heat After Nuggets Botch Final Capture in Loss to Wizards

The Nuggets had, at the very least, a big chance to send their game to Thursday to do overtime against the Wizards. On regulation’s final possession, he had the numbers and space for a wide-open, game-tying layoff.

Instead, Denver settled for a 3-point effort by Fesundo Camazzo for a badly missed victory. Denver lost 112–110.

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Nuggets took a 3 because:

– Jamal Murray picked up his dribble early on the 3-on-1 break and then had to pick one of the three nuggets that had gone to the 3-point line. (Monte Morris was a trailer.)

– One of those nuggets behind the arch, an un-guarded Michael Porter Jr., could have cut the basket, but did not.

Murray first tweeted that the play was on him and said he should shoot:

And then they followed an alternate angle of setup for the final play.

But Denver coach Mike Malone put it on Murray and Porter:

Twitter coaches blamed both, along with:

If the Nuggets were only playing to victory in that instance, they at least got an open look for Campazo. But Washington’s defense was badly pitched and had a wide 2 open to take. But Denver turned it down, and so it is now taking over in the Ls standings, on social media and from Charles Barclay:

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