Jane Psaki raises questions about Cuomo nursing home scam

White House Press Secretary Jane Saki on Sunday raised questions about whether President Biden still believed Gov. Andrew Cuomo “Gould to respond to the COV-19 epidemic amid his scandal over deaths in nursing homes in New York” Standard “.

The president described Cuomo as “like the gold standard” during last spring when the governor was praised for his daily television briefing on how the state was treating COVID-19.

ABC News “” This Week ” Host John Carl asks Saki if Biden still conducts that scene.

“We work with governors around the country, in exactly the same way,” Sasaki said, not answering the question, but noting that Kyumo is the chairperson of the National Governors Association.

“He plays an important role in ensuring that we are closely coordinating in our state and in getting assistance to people around the country and we will continue to do so.”

“And, of course, there will be a process. Investigations take place. We will leave it up to others to determine – the proper law enforcement officers to determine how that path is going to move forward, ”said Saki.

The FBI and US Attorney in Brooklyn are investigating amid revelations by the Cuomo administration that it halted the total number of nursing home residents who were killed by coronoviruses by the Trump administration over fears of politically retaliating.

Karl continues to pressurize Sasaki on whether Biden still has a similar view of Cuomo.

“Well, it should always be a yes or no answer, John. I think the President is focused on his goals, his objectives as President of the United States. He is going to continue working with the government. Just as he will continue to work with governors across the country, ”he said, continuing.

“And I’m not here to give a new label or name to the president. I am here to communicate with you what our focus is and what are his objectives as President. “

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