Jim Boeheim defends Duke’s comments on Jalan Johnson, saying he didn’t see him play

Syracuse coach Jim Boehm has attempted to retract those comments criticizing Duke freshman Jalan Johnson, who was selected to win the Blue Devils’ final six regular-season games and was instead drafted to the NBA draft .

Boehm commented on Johnson’s decision during his weekly radio show on Thursday, stating that the former five-star recruit was “hurting” his team and that his absence actually helped Duke win two. Duke coach Mike Krazyvski and teammates have supported Johnson’s decisions, leading many to pan Boeim’s comments; For example, ESPN analyst Jay Bilas called him “inappropriate”.

After the backlash, Boeheim tried to clarify his statement on Saturday: what he wants from his comments, Boeheim said, Duke was merely playing his best ball all season in the game and Johnson was dismissed. He saw it later.

“It’s not a spread, casting spread on Jalan Johnson,” Boehm said. I haven’t even seen Jalen Johnson play this year, to be honest. He is a tremendous player. Might be a great supporter. I just observed, my opinion, that I felt they played better in those two matches without him. Jay Bilas said that I said they are a better team without him, permanently. I did not say that. I did not mean to say that.

“In just those two games, games and a half, they were a better team than I’ve seen this year. Nothing against Jaylen Johnson. Some people said that she should not have left school – I did not say so. Some people said that he is not thinking about his team – I did not say so. I don’t even know Jalen Johnson, I haven’t really seen him as much, I don’t even know how good he is and Duke could be better if he came back. We won’t know because he didn’t come back. “

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Boehm’s original comments on Johnson are below (Via syracuse.com) Belongs to.

“That man was hurting them, so they’re actually a lot better now without him. He was just doing some things and stopping other people from playing which is good. He has two demons to win because he’s out. They have come out and they are playing good basketball. They have got a lot of good talent. You knew they were going to play out of this thing and now they are playing well. Every game that we play is a very tough game. Hai, a big challenge and we look forward to it. ”

Despite Boehm’s intentions, it is probably best practice not to comment on players from other teams, especially in a way that can be considered negative. This is not the first time he has made such remarks about Georgetown guard James Akinjo – who left the program in 2019 – “will not pass the ball to anyone.” Akinjo made 5.1 assists in more than 40 games with the Hoys.

Syracuse plays on Monday at Duke.

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