JJ Redick was kicked out of the Celtic-Pelicans game. . . Passing ball to the referee?

It’s only February, but JJ Redick has already turned down the “Worst Ejection of the Year” award.

At the start of the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game between the Celtics and Pelicans, the New Orleans shooting guard traveled towards the basket and fired a foul on Boston rookie Aaron Nesmith. Redick, who did a technical foul on the previous possession to argue without a call, threw the ball in the direction of referee Josh Tiven and walked away without appearing to say anything.

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Boom Second Technical. Radik fired.

Oh what?

In a postgame interview with Athletic Will Willian, Tiven explains why Redick got it so early?

Guillory: What happened to the first technical dishonesty against JJ Reddick?

Tiven: The first technique was to use the proficiency of a professor under the direction of an officer in an outrage.

Guillory: Second technical dishonesty on JJ Redick, what happened to him?

Tiven: The second technical fleet was to throw the ball in the direction of an officer with force.

Throwing the ball with force? As for it to throw the ball hard enough to reach the intended target?

This is a very weak justification from Tiven. Reddick did not fire near a chest on Tiven’s back. He tosses the ball to Tiven with a little spin. The NBA should stop that second technical dishonesty.

Fortunately for the Pelicans, Redick’s early exit did not slow down his comeback efforts. After trailing the Celtics with 24 points in the second half, the Pels rallied to secure a 120–115 time victory.

Reddick finished the game with four points, three assists, a rebound and a ridiculous ejection.

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