Johnson & Johnson set aside $ 3.9B amid baby powder lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson has helped raise $ 3.9 billion and is facing charges to help cover the costs of thousands of lawsuits that its baby powder is with asbestos.

Pharmaceutical giant reveals its 2020 litigation spending Monday regulatory filing, Stating that the money was “mainly associated with reserves and some settlements related to the Tal.”

Some 25,000 plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson related to its talc-based baby powder, according to the filing, many of whom claim they got cancer after using the product.

The New Jersey-based company has faced baby powder safety concerns following a 2018 investigation that found it had been known for decades that asbestos – a toxic substance that can cause cancer if inhaled – is talc. Mixed with

A Missouri court last year ordered the company to pay $ 2.1 billion in damages to 22 women who added ovarian cancer to their products in a case that Jammu and Kashmir is appealing to the US Supreme Court .

In a filing on Monday, J&J said “the company believes it has strong legal grounds for appealing the decision, as well as other decisions.”

In November, a New York court awarded $ 120 million to a Brooklyn woman who had cancer after pleading guilty to asbestos exposure by use of J&K baby powder.

The company announced last May that it would stop selling its iconic telecom-based Johnson’s Baby Powder in the US and Canada. J&J attributed the decision to change consumer habits, as well as “frequent prohibition of misinformation about product safety and advertising litigation”.

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