‘Knox’ Emmanuel Quickley trying to escape the rocky wall

As the Garden opened its doors to fans for the first time this season on Tuesday, a handful of patrons arrived wearing the new Emmanuel Quickly Knicks jersey.

In the Knicks’ “second home opener”, though the electric rookie combo guard was a disappointment.

Quickley looked hesitant against the Warriors, and completed 1 of 5 from the field for three points, a turnover, and an assist.

Sensing Quickly did not have it, with coach Tom Thibodo capturing the crook in just 13 minutes of loss.

Thursday’s game vs. Visiting Kings marks the 33rd game of the season, reaching the point of a full college schedule. The mark is often where the cosmic rookie hits the wall. And Quickly has already discussed the wall with his experienced peers.

“I was talking about this with Alec Burke,” Quickley said Wednesday on a zoom call. “We essentially liked three college seasons throughout the NBA. This is kind of crazy. It seems as if we were in training camp just yesterday, but now we are so far but there is so much more. My body feels good though. This is a good catch. Just taking care of my body, giving all the tips. ‘

Quickly’s scouting report is well defined so far. The Kentucky product is quick to shoot a deep 3, revisits his trademark floater and is attempting to make contact on dribble-drive penetrations as he is a dynamite free-throw shooter (92.9 percent).

The 21-year-old Quickley has been revealed, but he is also a stereotype. In his last three matches, he shot 3-point-22 to 2-for-10.

Emmanuel Quickly
Emmanuel Quickly
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“Teams start scaring me,” said Quickley, whose shooting has been 38.4 percent. “Coach Thebes told me that the team is starting to scout me, so I have to keep watching the film, find ways to help my team – not only offensively, but to advance and improve my game. Defensively. But obviously the teams are taking a little notice. ”

Elected on 25 November. In 18 drafts, Quickley was projected as a mid-second-round pick, with concerns about his ability to play point guard at the next level. In Kentucky, he played ball mostly with Tyres Maxey.

According to the scouts, Quickly is limited as a passerby, but makes up for it with fearlessness and moxie. Now Quickly’s rookie weather may be at the crossroads.

“I don’t want to hesitate him, that’s for sure,” Thibodo said. “I don’t want to knock him things down. He’s a great shooter. I think he will be better and better than this. In many cases he’s the first option and he has to be ready to shoot. So many times he’s involved with other people. Starts thinking about doing it. I have great faith in him. ”

After the All-Star break, the second half of the pandemic program was announced on Wednesday, with the Knicks starting March 11 in Milwaukee. Two highlight garden games were Lebron James ‘Lakers on 12 April and Pelicans’ Zion Williamson made their first garden debut on 18 April.

The Knicks are now allowing 2,000 fans per game under New York State guidelines. According to a source, Nix is ​​speaking to the governor’s office. An expansion of that number is expected internally before the regular season finale on 16 May.

Starting PG Elfried Payton is listed as a suspect for the hamstring with a hamstring strain, allowing Derrick Rose to start his first knock since the 2016–17 season.

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