Lakers podcaster Vivian Floors accused of catfishing

NBA Twitter – and of course, Kevin Durant – suffers from an alleged catfish mystery involving a popular podcaster.

In a developing story that still has many unanswered questions, Vivian Floers – a Lakers podcast host who goes on Twitter by “@ butterfly_424” – is at the center of the catfish allegations, following a claim that she went missing on Sunday.

The situation began when a Lakers fan and co-host of the “The Laker Point” podcast, Josh Towncent, announced on Twitter that Flores was missing in the Los Angeles area. He urged to help locate the Santa Monica origin, adding that he is currently receiving treatment for leukemia.

Tusent later tweeted Screen-grab of alleged messages from Floors’ sister Evely, who came from Vivian’s Instagram account, reported that she had gone missing. Toussaint said he received permission from Floors’ sister to talk to him about his alleged disappearance.

Townsaint said he first interacted with Floors via an Instagram direct message in February 2020 at the public memorial to Kobe Bryant at the Staples Center. She said that she never met or saw Floors, and when they worked together she would not communicate via FaceTime or video because “self respectAccording to Twitter critics, all the “red flags” of catfish.

Floors, who has about 16k followers on Twitter, has become a known figure among Lakers fans on social media. So, Ice Cube’s son, actor O’Shea Jackson Jr., and Lakers forward Markieff Morris retweeting Marseph Morris’ message to raise awareness and help about their missing friend is not surprising.

According to several outlets, Toussaint also claimed that the Los Angeles Lakers reached out to him on Twitter to help find Floors.

On Monday, Toussaint announced on Twitter that Floers was found safe and said he was not involved in his search.

Toussaint has since dropped his initial plea for help in finding Flores due to allegations that he is behind his account, which many critics believe is a long-term cat-fishing The plan can be. He has since denied anything to do with Flores’ Twitter account.

In a series of tweets since Flores met, Toussaint claims he was “betrayed” by Floors, who feels they have become close after they have “betrayed” him.

Toussaint explained the situation further Seven minute video on twitter, Shared by his friend Waleed Khan.

A part of a purported photoshop and video of Vivian Floors in a level game that she posted and was quickly removed on April 20, 2021
A part of a purported photoshop and video of Vivian Floors in a level game that she posted and was quickly removed on April 20, 2021

In the video, Toussaint said, “I’m definitely not Vivian, although some people wouldn’t believe me, but I was deceived like a lot of people because he was close to a lot of people on Twitter.” “I got screenshots to prove this in my DMs and text messages, although one of her phone numbers is not genuine.”

Toussaint also claimed that Floors’ sister was using a fake phone number to communicate with him.

How is Durant involved?

While the social media-happy forward has no direct connection to the situation, he was part of a conversation about floors during a Recent Twitter Space Session.

During the audio chat, a Twitter user by the name of “Big Kings”, whose handle is “ItsKingsBruh”, discussed his apparent online relationship with Floers – however, in a sporadic audio clip shared online, Durant Floors’s name Is not. .

The Kings claimed that she recently suspected she was a catfish after cutting ties with Floors. Kings, like Toussaint, said that Flores would not communicate via video.

Meanwhile, Durant, who was only trying to understand the alleged catfish situation, started asking questions to the Kings such as: “So, you’re saying that [Kings] Is associated with a bot? “And” How long did the Big Kings get catfish-ed by someone else? ”

Previous tweets show Kings interacting with Floors, Sending heart emojis, among others. Following the play, the Kings are sharing jokes about the situation on Twitter.

Fans on Twitter have reported that Floors’ social media images are distorted, photoshopped, and edited, which exacerbates the catfish theory.

What do the floers say?

Floors, for her part, took to Twitter with a short video thanking those who still trusted her before simultaneously deleting her account.

“Here you are, listen to the side of a man’s story and then automatically assume that he is right about everything. I have people here who can verify who I am. I do not need to prove anything to anyone.

“As for my disappearance, yes it happened. I got out of my treatment”.

Floors continued, “So Kingsley said I want to keep my point and I shouldn’t have, you want everything to be what they said it’s true, but I promise to God if I get sh- Have to talk about T. People are also listeners. “

In a separate tweet, Floors denied that Tsentain was behind his Twitter account ..

Episodes of “The Lacquer Point” podcast with Toussaint and Flores Stay online. Is there a real Vivian though? This question is still very much a mystery.

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