Luka Trailer: Pixar’s new film stars sea monster and friendship

HyThe new Pixar film is a story of friendship between two boys on the Italian Riviera. They enjoy gelato, pasta and scooter rides- oh, and also that they can turn into sea monsters! Just small things.

The first trailer for the film shows the picturesque seaside and the two friends’ xenigans as they enjoy their summer vacation. It is the first feature-length film by director Enrico Castro, who previously directed Pixar La luna

Which premiered With 2012 Brave. The film was announced last July, with Castrosa calling it a “deeply personal story”.

Hy Premiered on June 18, although it is unclear whether it will premiere exclusively or even on Disney Plus in theaters. Pixar’s previous film, inner heart, Was to premiere in theaters last summer, but hit Disney Plus in December.

See the first poster for Luca below:

Picture: Pixar

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