Make your own USB-C drive for cheap with this $ 100 SanDisk 1TB NVMe SSD

A variety of deals are taking place in the tech space, including TVs, computer components, and more. Starting with a gadget that will give you some faster transfer speeds, SanDisk’s Ultra 1 TB NVMe SSD is $ 100 At best buy. This is a great price for such a capability, it is much faster than your standard SATA SSD. SanDisk has covered this model with a five-year warranty. In terms of how you can use it, make sure your PC’s motherboard has an open M.2 2280 slot, or get it and M. to convert it to a fast, compact external drive like the one shown above. Buy 2 attachments.

Someday, Sony will enable the PS5’s M.2 slot for SSDs of this size and shape, but until that happens I wouldn’t explicitly recommend buying one for that reason. Just note: on some people reddit This model is not particularly great compared to the more expensive alternatives because it clearly lacks DRAM cache, but it should still work for most people. Probably not for you, though, if you’re looking for the best of the best.

SanDisk Ultra NVMe SSD

Prices taken at the time of publication.

SanDisk’s Ultra NVMe SSD will fit in a 2280-size M.2 slot, with a maximum read speed of 2,400 MB / s and write speeds of up to 1,950 MB / s. It is a good fit for a PC or laptop that supports M.2 drives.

Best Buy has marked Hisense’s 75-inch 4K HDR TV at a lower price, as previously. It’s $ 600, And given the size alone it is a good deal. This model also has Android TV, so you do not need to hook up any external streaming device to watch TV or movie. This TV is a good value, though it is a bit bare-bones in the respective department, with an LED panel with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, with no local dimming. Review site It is said that its ratio is very good, so it is ideal for films, but it has narrow viewing angles.

Hisense 75 inch H6510 4K HDR TV

Prices taken at the time of publication.

Hisense’s giant 4K LED TV is not priced low. This 75-inch model has Android TV software built into it and has three HDMI ports. It is exclusive to Best Buy.

Watt refurbished, unlocked selling IPhone XR Phone with 64 GB Storage for $ 330. Black and red colors are available. These are said to be in the “grade A” position, which Woot classifies as having “minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when held over the length of the arm of the device.” In terms of price, the new iPhone SE with a faster processor is $ 399, so the iPhone XR is a bit outdated in this regard, although it has the advantage of screen real estate over the SE.

iphone xr

Prices taken at the time of publication.

Apple’s first budget-minded but large-screen flagship phone was the iPhone XR, which was released in late 2018. It has an A12 bionic processor and is IP67 protected from water and dust.

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