Man ‘TRUMP 2024’ flag skating at NYC ice rink

A man was caught on camera waving a “TRUMP 2024” flag while skating at an ice rink run by Trump in Central Park on Saturday – Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he was soon to impose a freeze on the former president Will only close the rink.

President Donald Trump-boosters were seen hoisting huge red and blue flags at the Woolman rink on Saturday – a day before Hijner was set to kick it off with the park’s popular El Oscar rink, footage shows .

“You know this is a really good finale to close tomorrow,” a teenager shooting footage of the flag-waving can be heard saying – as another audience yells “Hoo!”

The name of the apparent patron was not immediately clear on Sunday.

But skaters at Central Park’s two rinks said they were devastated this weekend that their time on ice was short this year – after the post De Blasio closed the rink six weeks before its April closing dates Given.

Last month, Hizoner said it would scrap the city’s contracts with the Trump Organization, accusing then-President Trump of encouraging rioters to storm the Capitol.

Trump’s business group, run by his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, has been running the rink for more than three decades.

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