Mara Wilson blames Hollywood for destroying Britney Spears

Child artist Mara Wilson is publicly praising alongside Britney Spears, whose legal and emotional woes were brought to light in a new documentary about the embattled pop star.

in An open letter published on Tuesday, Wilson, who starred in several films from the 90s, including “Mrs.” Doutfire “and” Matilda, “revealed that she had largely escaped Limelight since childhood due to the industry being” sexual “- a decision she has discussed in previous interviews. Wilson, now 33, has since Has become a Hollywood viewer – and critic.

“Our culture makes these girls just to destroy them,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s candid essay comes in the wake of the explosive “Framing Britney Spears” documentary that became so widely discussed, it attracted the attention of the singer’s former, Justin Timberlake, who Public apology offered.

Wilson wrote, “Any moment in Ms. Spears’s life was familiar to me.” “We both had dolls with us, were close friends and lovers sharing our secrets and grew up men commenting on our bodies.”

Wilson stated that “nothing ever appeared, despite being more revealing than the knee-length beauty.”

“All this was done intentionally: my parents thought I would be safe in this way. But it did not work. People were asking me, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ In interviews since I was 6. Reporters asked me who I thought was the sexiest actor and about Hugh Grant’s arrest for soliciting a prostitute, ”she confessed.

“It was lovely when the 10-year-old kids sent me letters saying they were in love with me,” Wilson continued. “This was not when 50-year-old men did”

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Mara Wilson, now 33, starred in the blockbuster as a child in the 90s, including “Mrs.” Shanka “and” Matilda. ”
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“Hollywood has resolved to deal with harassment in the industry, but I have never been sexually harassed on film sets. My sexual harassment always came in the hands of media and public, ”he said.

“Framed Britney Spears”, which prompted Wilson to speak once again, has quickly become one of the most discussed shows about streaming on Hulu and FX. The blatant documentary prompted many celebrities to speak out in support of it – and some such as Perez Hilton offered an apology – Spears in the wake of the dock.

Spears Also addressed it indirectly, Tweet: “Everyone has their own story and other people have their role on their stories !!!! We all have lots of bright beautiful lives. “

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