Martin Gugino, elderly guardian killed by Buffalo police, sues the city

An elderly guard thrown to the ground by Buffalo Cop during a demonstration by George Floyd has filed a lawsuit against the city and three officials.

Martin Gugino, 75, filed a civil lawsuit claiming that his First Amendment rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly were violated during a June incident that left him with a fractured skull and brain injury Given, WKBW reported.

“The use of unlawful force against a peaceful defender can never be justified. It is always illegal. Martin was peaceful, ”said Richard Wisbech Jr., one of Gugino’s lawyers.

“Peaceful protesters, whether the curfew is effective or not, have the right to live in public places. Martin and others exercising their First Amendment rights were treated selectively, ”Webeck said.

Buffalo’s police commissioner and deputy police commissioner are also listed as defendants in the suit.

Less than two weeks ago, criminal assault charges against Buffalo Police Department officers Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski – who are named in the suit – were dropped by a grand jury.

McCabe and Torgalski previously faced felony charges for bringing Gugino into the fray.

Gugino spent a month in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

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