massive Mundo, Irelia, Tahm Kench, and Lillia updates


League of Legends patch 11,14 notes are officially here, bringing with it a significant number of champion updates.

Irelia tweaks will finally be coming in, along with massive buffs for Mundo in the jungle to help him clear camps faster.

There will be significant changes for Lillia as well. She will be getting adjusted pretty heavily, and Riot might be pushing her more as a laner than a jungler

Tahm Kench updates will also be hitting the Rift, and the League of Legends devs will be making some additional tweaks on top of the mini rework.

League of Legends fans looking for a detailed description of the patch can look up Riot’s official website.

However, for a brief overview, here are all the major updates.

League of Legends patch 11.14 official notes

Champions Updates


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