Meet Skipper, the first puppy to survive with six legs

What is six legs, two tails and an adorable spotted coat?

This is Skipper, an Australian border collie mix born last week at Neil Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City, where the vets are calling him a “miracle” as he is believed to be the first to survive in utero with six legs Is a puppy.

“It is a miracle called Skipper. Literally, “vets Announced in a facebook post. “In conjunction with congenital conditions, she has survived before suspecting any other canine (only 4 days – published research does not indicate that she is born to anyone)

According to staff at the animal hospital, the brand-new puppy was born with some rare disorders, including “the new Monocephalus depigus and Monocephalus rachipagus Diabrachus tetrapus”.

“[It] Just means she has 1 head and chest cavity, but 2 pelvic area, 2 lower urinary tract, 2 reproductive system, 2 tails and 6 legs among other things, ”the post reads, a snap of cute With, if unique puppy. “Research does not indicate that a living is born,” which means that the skipper is the first canine of its kind to survive to birth.

The pupil is being “rejected by her mother and fed with a bottle” by a GoFundMe launched by Skipper’s new owner states. Crowd-sourced funds – $ 1,700 raised as of Tuesday morning – will be used “toward a vet visit and possibly toward future surgery” to correct some issues if they arise, although Neil vets has encouraged Roop said the skipper was “pain-free and” very powerful. “

It is a miracle named Skipper.  Really.  In conjunction with congenital conditions she has lived longer than any other canine suspected (only 4 days old - published research does not indicate that anyone has been born).  You can see that she looks a bit different - 6 legs!  She has a type of congenital conjunctival disorder called monocephalus dipygous and monocephalus rachipagus Dibrachius tetrapus, which simply means her 1 head and chest cavity - 2 pelvic area, 2 lower urinary tract, 2 reproductive system, 2 Has tail and 6 legs.  It is likely that she was supposed to be a litter mate but they did not separate in utero.  There are also signs of spina bifida along her spine.  Positively, his organs appear in great shape, he is urinating and poisoned, and very strong!  She nurses well and is growing reasonably well so far.  All his legs move and react to stimulation like a normal puppy.  This could potentially require physical therapy and mobility assistance as she has grown up.  We will continue to research her conditions, monitor her development during rickets and help maintain the skipper pain-free and comfortable for the rest of life.  She is doing well at home now.
The skitter is believed to be the first six-legged puppy to survive the uterus.

Docs suspect that Skipper’s condition fails to separate the two embryos in the uterus, but he is not a conjoined twin. The skipper has a head and a chest – but his intrepid areas are double: a pair of urinary tracts, two reproductive systems and two pelvic regions, as well as his visual bonus appendages being a result of birth defects.
Luckily, all of Skipper’s six legs work, “all of her legs move and respond to excitement,” and she is “now doing well at home.” Skipper also has spina bifida.

He also has new humans Chronicle “Skipper’s Journey” In a Facebook group that already has more than 20,000 followers.

Skipper joins another special dog, named 7-year-old Applehead chihuahua Malibu who is suffering from epilepsyIn his new house. “We want to inspire him and recommend Skipper,” his new humans posted.

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