Meriners fan helped take down Kevin Mather: ‘terrified’

The disgraced Kevin Mather may still be the president and CEO of the Mariners, were it not for one Deadhard fan.

On Saturday night, 36-year-old Eric Hayes was searching for updates on Seattle’s spring training when he stumbled through a vague, 46-minute YouTube video of speaking at the Belvette Breakfast Rotary Club via Zoom on 5 February.

“I became more and more frightened as the video,” which included insensitive comments about players and staff, was “gone,” Hess told the Seattle Times.

He said, ‘I talked to my wife and I liked it.’ I am the only person who has seen this video. ”

Hayes shared the video to Twitter and Reddit and it went viral on Sunday. After reacting to his comments, Mather resigned on Monday.

Mariners scout and former pitcher Hishi Iwakuma made fun of Japanese skills, which is Japanese, and prospect Julio Rodriguez, who is Dominican.

Kevin Mather resigns to the Mariners
Kevin Mather resigned as president and CEO of the Seattle Mariners.
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Mather also said that veteran Kyle Seeger is entering the final season of a seven-year, $ 100 million contract as the team’s third baseman since 2012. He also said that the team planned to start top prospects, Jared Kellenik (a former Mets first-round draft pick) and Logan Gilbert in the minor leagues, a controversial tool used by many teams to manipulate major league service time. And used to keep players on contract for a long time. An executive recruiting strategy may have major implications for CBA negotiations next year.

“You know, I want the best for the team,” Hayes said of Mather’s resignation. “I want to make sure that we are a good organization inside and out.”

Spent 25 years with the Mariners, who own the drought for the longest time active in North American professional sports in 19 years.

Between 2009-10, Mather was accused by three women of improper workplace conduct, The Seattle Times reported. Women received financial settlements.

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