Michael Bolton invites Robinhood users to contact him with his app

A rival for Robinhood is encouraging users to dump the stock-trading app in their own favor – and it is tapping Michael Bolton to seal the deal.

Publix – a New York-based startup trying to capitalize on Robinhood’s troubles with regulators and customers recently – tweeted a video of the Golmaal bowler on Tuesday in which he hit the 1989 hit “How I’m Supported To Live you with you? ” Sang a version of.

New track, “How Am I Ready to Do Business Without You?” A sharp end to the “Reddit Rally” follows, with users accusing Robinhood of trading restrictions surprising stocks of companies like Gamestop and AMC Entertainment.

In the new songs, a straight-forward bolt delayed the allegations, alleging that Robinhood sells “order flows” to large hedge funds such as Citadel Investment, whose financial interests were not aligned with mom-and-pop investors has gone.

“I could hardly believe it, what I saw on Reddit today,” Bacton croons as a tinkle in the background of the piano. “I was hoping that I would get it straight from you. He told me about the ’bout’ order flow, ‘So I goggled, now I know – I think I’ll get someone new. “

“So tell me all about it – tell me who you sell my trades to,” Bolton belts out, amid roses, a broken wine glass and recording footage of a man walking alone on the beach Sitting in the recording studio.

“Tell me how I am going to do business without you?” My stock was in your app for oh so long. “

The public, which currently boasts 13 million vs. 1 million users of Robinhood, allows customers to buy partial shares of stock and ETFs. On Wednesday, Public said it had raised a new $ 220 million fund from existing investors.

The company also said that it no longer engages in payments for order flows, and is now routing its trades directly to exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange, while encouraging users to tip their trades. Does.

“I think it’s time I should move on,” Bolton sings, closing the pitch. “Moved all my luggage and I’ll be gone!”

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