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Kenta Maida finished second to AL Cy Young last year. Jose Berrios is perennially talented enough to receive an award. But the best two starters of this year are former Yanks JA Happ and Michael Pineda.

They are scheduled to begin on Wednesday and Thursday to close the three-match series against the White Sox. It’s still early – not even Memorial Day – but it’s an important series for Minnesota. The Twins are the most disappointing team to date. They were 12-20 to start the series, a better record than just the formidable Rocky and the Tigers. The White Sox were ranked first and even had long and frequent questions with outfielders Aloy Jimenez and Luis Robert if returning manager Tony La Russa lost the Hall of Fame – Chicago AL Central Will beat the team

Twins Michael Pineda, JA Happy
Michael Pineda, JA Happ
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The Twins have 18 straight losses to their own embarrassing MLB record. Nevertheless, they are defending AL Central Chams twice and were created to contest this year’s election. But if not – and the Twins started the series already seven matches behind the White Sox – they would have interesting trade chips coming in July. This would include Happ (1.91 ERA) and Pineda (2.43), as they are both free agents after this season, such as Andrelton Simmons, who remains a defensive mover and DH Nelson Cruz in short time, the oldest. Despite being active, 40 is currently ranked in player limbo with Albert Pujols, an elite hitter.

Hap Drill Knows, has already done business four times in July – from Blue Jays to Yankees in 2018. Pineda Tommy John missed the 2018 season after surgery and in 2019 was suspended for 60 games after testing for a bi-diuretic. In his time with the twins, however, he has remained primarily what the Yanks once expected, becoming a top control pitcher, delivering a 3.67 ERA (2.43) in 37 starts this year.

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