Mike Babcock backs coaching controversies, ‘doesn’t add odor test’

It has been a little over 15 months since Mike Babcock stepped behind the back of the NHL. The Maple Leafs fired him on November 20, 2019 after a little over six seasons of skid and four seasons with the club.

Long after his dismissal, it was revealed that in 2017, Babcock asked the Leafs to tell Mitch Maraner how he views his teammates’ work. Babcock lists the team. He Told Elliotte Friedman of Sportnet He apologized at the time for doing so in 2019.

But then more came out.

Mike Commodore and Mark Fraser commented on social media about their coaching strategy and their issues with the treatment of players. Then, Hawkeye Hall of Famer Chris Chelios revealed on “Spitin ‘Chachis” that Bebac had verbally attacked with former Johann Franzen. The former forward told a Swedish publication that Babcock was “the worst person I’ve ever met. A domineering.”

Babcock has returned to headlines in the last few months after time. He worked with the University of Vermont men’s hockey team. He joined NBC Part Time as a studio analyst. He Talked to Athletic’s Pierre LeBron About many topics. Recently, he was appointed as the head coach of the University of Saskatchewan men’s hockey team.

On Wednesday, the Flames broadcast a sit-down interview conducted by Christine Simpson of Babcock’s last team, the Maple Leafs, Sportsnet. While Babcock would be looking to clear the air, he instead came on as defensive and did not shed tears on himself for what transpired at times.

“What happened, I was in a tree stand, hunting on my farm in Ohio, and I get the point, and I said, ‘Yes, I apologize for this.” But I didn’t know that the story was not true, “Banrock said when asked about the Maerner incident. “Mitch was a time that it wasn’t good enough. He was in my office and I said: ‘Rank yourself on the work ethic list.’ And he did. And there was nothing wrong with our conversation. Mitch Maraner gave a great performance for Mitch Bannerock. I can’t complain one, it was unbelievable.

“Then what happened, though, is what brought me in, and I think it was Bozy [Tyler Bozak], But I left Mitch Marner on the table. And then I referred to it and as soon as I did that, I knew that I had done the wrong thing.

“I walked out after talking to Boji and I told Mitch: ‘This is what I have done. I have done yes. There was no intention on my part. Do you want me to deal with him in front of the team right there?’ ‘And I shouldn’t have asked them that, I should have just done it.

“Was it wrong?” Yes. Was it my fault? one hundred percent. Am i like that? Yes, but if you think it is a tactic to spoil a person or something, then it is the worst thing ever. We try to make these players the best. Our intention is always good. Do we sometimes do wrong things? one hundred percent.”

Simpson then pressured her, as Frenzen had said.

“I felt we had a really good relationship,” Babcock replied. “Now, haven’t things gone well many times? Absolutely. Have I ever tried to bully someone in my mind? This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.

“However, I didn’t even know what mental health was,” he said. To anyone, whether they work for you, whether you are in a relationship, you feel that – you are wrong. You never want to cross the line and when you want to do so. And if you do, you should own it. But if you did not do it, you should not do it yourself. “

Babcock said he had reached out to Franzen, but the former NHLer no longer got him back.

“I have been coaching for 34 years. Let’s go 20 people. Let’s do the math. Lots of players, ”he said. He said, ‘I have coached Olympic teams. I have replaced bullets. I have coached experienced teams in the Stanley Cup Final and have scratched people. You have driven people crazy. This is the reality. You know, I have coached a lot of teams and I have had a lot of success, and good people have hired me.

“I did not have a zoom meeting with Brian Murray before going to anime. I went to Detroit. Jimmy Neal was my GM at the ’04 World Championship. They hired me. Steve Yazerman played for me and worked with me for four years, and he hired me for two Olympics. Brendan Shehnah hired me after playing for me. Some of it does not include odor testing. “

He went after Sportsnet in an interview when he was asked if he disputed the stories.

“Oh, yes, but me too, let’s make it clear because you know how you guys can edit this stuff. I’ve tried a lot to treat people right. I’m still doing it. My Can’t have a family, and the opportunities I have are without treating people well. Have I ever crossed the line? Absolutely. Saying that, when you get into mental health, It’s a different kind of program. Nobody should ever be in that situation. So when you cross that line you have to be yourself. “

Babcock does not seem to own it.

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