Mike King to start with Yankees Spring Training opener

Overview from Thursday’s Yankees Workout:

King for a Day

Aaron Boone announced that King M. on Sunday, George M. Steinbrenner will debut the Angularity League against the Blue Jays at the field. The right-hand man is fighting for a spot in the rotation.

Icy welcome

Justin Wilson’s arrival in Tampa was delayed by a winter storm that hit Texas and caused a lot of damage to the state. He stayed with his wife and children while they remained without electricity for 30 hours and then attempted to move to Florida. He was slowed by poor road conditions, which forced him to stay in a hotel in Louisiana before eventually making it. “It was an interesting few days.”

caught my eye

Dom Taingman trapped his bat on his leg after flying against Domingo Jarman and then came back to Gerrit Cole’s home during a live BP. Boone is confident that the outfielder is healthy and will bounce back after a disappointing 2020 season.

Friday schedule

The team prepares for the Grapefruit League opener on Sunday for pitchers, catchers and position players.

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