Mother of two murdered on Valentine’s Day, ex-husband arrested

A report states that the Illinois mother of two was found dead inside her car on Valentines Day.

Suspect Jose Alvarado-Ramirez called police to make his prior report, Metsali Galindo, 29, was irresponsible inside a car parked in the city of Volksagan, Officials told NBC Chicago.

Police said Galindo was pronounced dead at the scene.

The report states that police interrogated ą¤µlvarado-Ramirez, later accusing him of first-degree murder.

A motive for the murder was not immediately known.

He was arraigned last Wednesday and held on $ 2 million bail.

A GoFundMe page set up for Galindo’s family describes her as a generous, kind mother.

Jose Alvarado-Ramirez is charged with the murder of Metsali Galindo
Suspect Jose Alvarado-Ramirez is being released on $ 2 million bail.
Vuagan police

“She was a kind soul who helped others whether they were a friend or a stranger and no matter how long they were in her life,” the page read.

Page continued: “She was a devoted mother who only wanted to be the best for her children and was actively trying to pursue herself and continue her education.”

Her mother is now taking care of her two children.

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