New York City is still home to the richest people on the planet

Reports of New York City’s demise are exaggerated. It is still home to the richest people on the planet.

The city has the largest number of individual homeowners with ultra-high net worth, defined as $ 30 million or more, According to the baron.

a New study Titled, “World’s Major Markets for Wealth: Spotlight on Residential Real Estate 2021,” it found that $ 30 million and 24,660 members of the high net worth group had a primary or secondary residence in New York as of December 2020.

The other, according to the report, was Los Angeles, which is home to 16,295 such people. LA was followed by London (14,485 ultra-high-net-worth residents), Hong Kong (14,235) and Paris (7,035).

New York may have the largest number of super-rich but the award for the highest density of mega-rich is from Monaco, where one of the 29 residents meets the study’s standards. Monaco is closely followed by Aspen, Colorado.

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